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  • Pregnant Belly Art

    11 May at 15:38 from atlas

    Pregnant Belly Art is one of the latest art works for a Mum-to-be. So why not get a gift that can last forever when captured by film.

    Prices start from: $200

    How long: 2hrs - 2.5hrs depending on the design.

    (Prices may vary depending on the design and time)

    Photos: I take the photos which you receive copies of via email. If you'd like to take your own photos, this is fine by me.

    I'll travel to you, so you're in your own enviroment and close to everything that you need. (travel fees my apply)

    Of course rest breaks and toilet breaks are given to the mum-to-be as well.

    $100 deposit is required to confirm booking

    Cancellation fee of $100 applies if cancelled 7days prior to arranged date.


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